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E-commerce development

We create custom e-commerce platforms and also regular webshops in WordPress. Our e-commerce platforms perform on speed and findability by search engines, and we also have a team of amazing designers to realize the UI/UX designs.

WordPress or Shopify

WordPress and Shopify are good choices when you are starting with a business or webshop. For WordPress you have a webshop plugin (WooCommerce) which can be customized according to custom wishes. Shopify is created as a webshop module itself.

Custom CMS E-Commerce

For more experienced webshops or custom projects we create custom content management systems (CMS). We create every single possible functionality you could think of and have experience with almost every API available on the web.

A website is not, just a website..

What a lot of people do not know when creating a web- or app related product that quality is the most important factor for the success of an website or application. People think a website is just a website which actually is not true. Every search engine or social platform rates your website or product based on the rating of your content, product, how fast your product loads, how it feels for the user and wether it is quality worthy to show to customers.

We can offer you

  • A product that fits needs.
  • Optimization in speed.
  • High- end programming.
  • Designs that stand out.
  • Insane performance.
  • How to create yourself.
  • Marketing for your brand.