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What is web scraping?

Data or web scraping is mostly done with Python which is a programming language that allows the programmer to take control over the chrome browser (or it’s HTML) through the terminal in order to take certain actions. These actions can be clicking on elements, typing in input fields, submitting forms and even executing javascript or uploading images. Mostly the data is saved in a CSV or used in other processes. If you are looking for a scraper, we can build you one!

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What can you do with Web scraping?

Collecting website data

With Python you have almost unlimited possibilities on web scraping and one of the most known is the selenium chrome driver. This utility allows the chrome browser to fully loop through certain pages to record and safe the data on them. 

Perform user handling

Not only the selenium chromedriver allows the programmer to scrape websites but also BeautifulSoup4 is a tool that is often used in scraping HTML from websites. In both cases you can execute functionality with scrapers such as logging in, submitting forms and even uploading images or other data.

Combine with other Functionality

In almost al of the times the data will be stored in a database which can be a CSV file, text document, or some sort of SQL database. These databases and storages can be used later on for creating analyzes and to perform actions on.

Automated data generation

What you might have realized by now is that if you do not automate certain processes or ways in order to find customers, you will probably not even be able to compete with todays hyper fast growing market. The amount of web and data scrapers is growing by the day and every single day more and more scrapers are build.
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