Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy defines how A Brand New Company (ABN Company) uses and protects the information that you give ABN.Company when visiting this website. ABN Company will always make sure your data and privacy certain information is safe and that it will not be shared with a third party.

ABN Company might change the privacy policy over time. Before making use of our platform or website make sure to check our policy in order to accept our guidelines. 

Information and data we collect

We might the following of your details:

  • Your full name and job title
  • Contact information such as: email or phone number.
  • Other relevant information such as interest, preferences or other location details.
  • Details that are required to make and finish a payment.

Why we collect information and what we will use it for

To make sure we can provide you with the best service possible we require certain information.

  • Order handeling or other customer support.
  • Internal data keeping and logs for security.
  • Promotional emails such as for example a newsletter email, product offer or other email which we think might be relevant to you.
  • For research purposes we might also use your contact information in order for our data analysis. We could be using this information to customize the theme and functionality to our client their needs.

Secure information

We will always make sure your data is safe with in our database. Because we do not want unauthorized access or disclose we have placed our data in a safe environment and keep our services updated.

Use of cookies

We use cookies for a couple of different of our partners like: Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Facebook Pixel in order to track and manage our customers needs. A cookie is a small text file containing certain data from the visitor and can be called back upon revisiting the website.

In order to log our traffic we use Analytics to see how our customers behave. This helps us improving the quality of our website and increase the amount of visitors who come to our platform daily. Once the data has been processed for use we will clean up the cookie for security mathers.